Glass Cube and Sterling Silver Square Dangle Earrings - Choice of 14 Colors

Kristin Perkins Glass Jewelry

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Handmade lampworked glass cubes are suspended on  handmade sterling silver drop square drop earrings.  I was experimenting with new colors so I just couldn't stop with the color choices. They are currently available in 14 (!!!) colors. There is only one pair of each color. Please choose your color from the drop down menu. Most of the cubes are made from translucent glass layered with a matching transparent glass. There are a few exceptions. Please see details on each color below.

If you would like to see how the earrings look when worn, please check the Royal Blue and Steel Blue options. I am shown wearing them in those colors.

The cubes move and spin freely on the silver square. 

The ear wire is formed in a modern square shape. 

Dimensions: 1.5" long and .5" wide. 

Clear stoppers are provided to keep them secure while worn.

 I have added many new colors with this style!

Color Details:

Aqua: Translucent turquoise layered with matching transparent aqua. If you are familiar with my work, you are very familiar with this color. It is a staple in my line!

Dark Green: NEW. This is an opaque forest green layered with a transparent forest green. 

Gray: Opaque silver gray layered in a longtime favorite transparent blue/green gray.

Black: Dense black glass layered in a darker gray transparent glass.

Steel Blue: Another longtime favorite, this features a translucent steel blue (dark denim blue) color layered with a matching transparent color. 

Lavender: NOTE: Lavender glass will appear light blue in fluorescent lighting, but will look just like the photos in natural, incandescent, and LED lighting. I used a translucent lavender layered with a matching transparent. 

Red: This is a single bright cherry red that is translucent to opaque.

Pink: Translucent pink is layered with a matching transparent pink glass. This has a slight salmon pink tint compared to other light pinks I have done in the past. It's just more intense. Really pretty!

Teal: Translucent teal layered with transparent teal.

White: Translucent white layered with clear.

Mint Green: Translucent mint green layered with transparent mint green.

Royal Blue: NEW. This is a translucent royal blue layered with a matching transparent. It is a little lighter than the intense blue you may be familiar with.

Yellow: This is a bright acid yellow. It runs translucent to transparent.

Orange: This is a bright tangerine orange. It runs translucent to transparent.


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