Cube Latch Earrings in Glass and Sterling Silver - Choice of Colors Including Clear

Kristin Perkins Glass Jewelry

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Length: 1 Inches; Drop length: 1 Inches; Width: .5 Inches


My cube latch earrings continue to be a customer favorite. They are available in your choice of colors, including crystal clear. Scroll down to see a description of each color. 

I make the glass by melting transparent glass of various shimmering colors using a special torch. When the glass is molten, I wind it and sculpt it into a square. I then mount them to a unique style of sterling silver ear wire that I created. The ear wire is secure because it latches. It is also comfortable because it is designed specifically to not get tangled in your hair or caught on your scarf or collar. 

Over the years, I have found the very best transparent colors (or clear) to use so that they show up and still sparkle. The glass will spin freely on the earring setting and sparkle and catch the light beautifully! 

These earrings have a little more weight than my earrings typically do, but customers often make a point to tell me that they are surprised by how light they are. 


This transparent red is cherry in color with a tint of dark orange.

This transparent lavender is beautiful and my new favorite. This color will appear bluish in fluorescent light so be aware of that. Most people like that feature. It's great for people who like science!
This is a transparent rose quartz kind of color. 

Light Green
This is a light spring green or grass green color. Very springy and beautiful.

Dark Green
This is kind of like a bottle green, but brighter. 

Watery aqua. One of my most popular colors.

A darker version of the aqua.

Light Gray
This appears bluish/greenish. This has been a customer favorite for years.

Steel Blue
Kind of navy, denim color. A great everyday color.

Dark Gray
This is a really good substitute for black. It is charcoal in color. As a dark transparent, it still allows light to reflect through. 

Crystal clear. It catches the light and reminds my customers of ice cubes! You will be surprised that even with long, dark hair, the clear still sparkles and shows itself off. 

Customers often think it's real amber. As far as I know, Amber does not sparkle like this though! 

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