Lampwork Glass Cuff Bracelet, Art Glass Jewelry, Round Silver and Glass with Subtle Colors

Kristin Perkins Glass Jewelry

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A lampworked glass disk in sandy taupe, lavender, amber, sky blue, and pale emerald green is mounted into a sterling silver cup attached to a sterling silver cuff bracelet.

This piece was made 100% by me in my Michigan studio. I made the glass and I fabricated the entire bracelet from sterling silver wire and sheet metal.

This color scheme is inspired by the beach. Perfect for someone who likes subtle colors like sea glass.

The silver circle frame with glass inside measures just under 1" in diameter.

The bracelet is circumference is 6.5" including the 1" opening.

In the 10th photo, I show a comparison between the bracelet in this listing and a bracelet with a smaller glass piece in a separate listing. If you think you'd rather have a smaller bracelet, take a look!