Large Square Latch Earrings in Turquoise Glass and Sterling Silver

Kristin Perkins Glass Jewelry

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Large glass squares in beautiful turquoise layered with aqua are suspended from handmade sterling silver ear wires. These stunning earrings are simple in design and make a statement with such a lovely color.

The earrings have a unique latch in the back that keeps them secure in your ears and does not get caught on your hair, scarf, or collar.

This earring style continues to be a favorite of my customers! They enjoy the simplicity of these contemporary earrings! This pair is an update of a classic earring style I have been making for years. This version has larger glass and the translucent layered with transparent glass.

The glass measures just over .6” and the earrings are 1.5”" long from where they hand from your lobe to the bottom of the glass. The glass beads spin freely on the earring.

If you would like to inquire about another color you need, please do!