Leaf Dangle Earrings Multi Short in Pink Glass and Sterling Silver

Kristin Perkins Glass Jewelry

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Elegant, lovely glass leaf earrings in opaque and transparent pink. The leaf shape is very flattering and the transparent glass around the matching opaque pink sparkles and looks beautiful in the light.

The glass leaves are suspended from handmade sterling silver earwires. Rubber stoppers are provided to secure them while you wear them.

I make the glass leaves in many colors including the white and gray that I’m wearing in one of the photos to demonstrate how they look on.

I make the leaves by melting glass rods at a torch and shaping the molten glass. I have been making these glass leaves for more than ten years and I enjoy how slightly different each leaf comes out. Creating this leaf shape is challenging. Each color, when molten behaves differently - some colors are more fluid or stiff than others. You will notice a slight difference in each leaf because they are made one at a time. But your earrings will be a well-matched set.

If you are shopping for a gift, these earrings are perfect. The style has been a customer favorite for more than ten years. Customers tell me often how they get compliments every time they wear them! If you are shopping for yourself, you will not be disappointed!