Medium Modern Raindrop Earrings in Violet/Lavender, Blue, Mint, and Deep Bottle Green Glass and Sterling Silver

Kristin Perkins Glass Jewelry

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These colorful, medium length, modern raindrop shaped earrings really make a statement! My new raindrop shape has been very popular. It is elegant and carefully crafted. I make the glass by melting glass rods with a torch and layering each of the colors. Each piece is made one at a time, freehand without the use of any molds. I make the sterling silver parts by first making a cup setting to fit the glass. Then, I form the raindrop shape from rectangular wire. I make the ear wire from sterling silver wire and give it a stylish square shape. 

Length: 1.5"

Width .7"

Colors: Lavender/Violet, Mint Green, Deep Bottle Green (see last photo of another style of earring for the best representation of the colors)

Your earrings will arrive in an attractive box. The earrings come with stoppers to keep them secure in your ears while worn.