Semicircle Necklace in Orange and Green Glass and Sterling Silver

Kristin Perkins Glass Jewelry

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This necklace makes a statement with modern design and bold, vibrant color.

A lampworked glass disk in orange, green, and gray (made by me) is set into a handmade sterling silver modern necklace. I fabricated the sterling silver necklace from various types of silver wire and sheet metal. The chain is made from long oval shapes and is fastened with a handmade sterling silver hook clasp.

The necklace is 20" long. You may have this shortened if you prefer. I am shown wearing the necklace at 20". I think that is perfect for this size of necklace. If you would like it to be shortened, please let me know in the comments. I may need an extra day to so this. But this necklace is ready to ship within one business day of your order.

The colors, while bright, are toned down and made to be wearable by the separation of gray between the orange and green. This color scheme is one I have been making for years. My favorite color to wear it with is dark purple. It looks great with gray, black, and dark blue as well.