Tiny Heart Cuff Bracelets (choice of colors)

Kristin Perkins Glass Jewelry

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These are sweet, easy to wear sterling silver and glass heart cuff bracelets.

The lampworked glass hearts that I made are riveted to sterling silver cuff bracelets that I also made. The hearts are offset to either the right or the left side. Please see photos for placement. 

You can choose either red, lavender, green, teal, or pink.  Please see below the size of each bracelet that is ready to ship. If you would like another color or size, please allow me three days to make and ship the bracelet. To determine your size, please measure your wrist just past your wrist bone. 

Red - 6.5” including 1" opening 

Pink - 6.5" including the 1" opening

Green - 6.5” including the 1" opening

Lavender - 6.25”  including the 1" opening

Teal - 6.5” including the 1” opening