Tiny Square Dangle Earrings in Blue and Turquoise Glass and Sterling Silver

Kristin Perkins Glass Jewelry

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If you love turquoise and cornflower blue, you would have no problem wearing these earrings every single day! The colors go with everything and it's just the accessory to brighten up any outfit.

I made the glass by melting glass rods at a torch - a process called "lampworking" or "flame working". I make each bead one at a time, so there will be slight differences between each earring in your pair, but they will be a well matched set. After I make the glass, I anneal it in a digitally controlled kiln. After annealing, I set the glass with silver dangle ear wires that I also make by hand. Your earrings will have clear rubber backs to secure them in your ears so you don't lose them.